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Trauma Patient Stories

Ben's Story

On Feb. 15, 2007, Joan Abrams, of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, and her daughter, Robyn Shapiro, were watching an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" in which Meredith nearly drowns at the site of a ferryboat accident. Hours later, Abrams and her husband, Michael Shapiro, received a phone call from a nurse at the Yale New Haven Trauma Center...

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Kathleen's Story

Not long ago, Kathleen Hobin's goal was to walk down the street with her dog, Rocco. That may not sound like an impressive ambition, particularly for an avid athlete and mother of three, who loved to play tennis, run and ski. But for those who know this Madison woman, it was quite an accomplishment, given the events of the past few years.

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Marvin's Story

The way Marvin White tells it, the summer of 2003 was hot, hazy and rotten for motorcycle riding. As he recalls the events of that Sunday morning, Aug. 10, he and his friends had decided to ride their motorcycles through Northwest Connecticut.

He left his house in Hamden dressed in motorcycle gear — full-faced helmet, long pants, padded jacket and new boots. A rider for all of his adult life, White was excited to break in his new Triumph motorcycle.

But the conditions were not ideal and the drizzling rain prevailed over experience causing his bike to slide as he made a right-hand turn in Rockville. White fell off the bike, slid across the divided yellow lines and was struck by an oncoming car. With no cell phone coverage, his friends ran to the nearest house and called for help.

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