Arman Fesharaki-Zadeh, MD




Dr. Fesharaki is currently a behavioral neurologist/neuropsychiatrist, as well as a basic neuroscience researcher focusing on Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. He has a diverse training background, which include a mixture of clinical adult psychiatry, clinical behavioral neurology/neuropsychiatry and bench neuroscience skills.  During his residency training, he was also able to pursue a PhD degree in neurobehavioral sciences focusing on co-morbid traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic brain disorder (PTSD), which is currently in the completion phase. This combination of aforementioned skills has in turn given him a unique vantage point to have the opportunity to apply what he continues to learn in the laboratory to enrich his clinical treatment.  His current research focus is to develop a robust animal model of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), as well as investigation of potential treatment modalities.  As a translational neuroscientist, he intends to ultimately apply his basic science knowledge to clinical trials, in order to benefit a growing number of patients suffering from long term neurocognitive sequelae of traumatic brain injury.





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