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Divyanshu Malhotra, MBBS, is a kidney transplant specialist who describes his work as both challenging and rewarding.

“I am a clinician at heart and I love working with patients and taking care of them through this process. I see people go from dialysis to transplant. Once they get through the surgery and things settle down, the satisfaction you see when you speak to them is amazing,” he says. “When you speak to a patient who had kidney failure and hasn’t made urine in 10 years and they have tears of joys in their eyes because now they can do that is so heart warming.”

Dr. Malhotra comes from a family of physicians—both of his parents and two of his sisters—and says that in many ways, his career was destined. “My parents always told me it’s tough and not something they would necessarily recommend in many ways, but it was a natural progression for me,” he adds.

Early in medical school, he says he was drawn to renal physiology and pathology. “That led me to nephrology. Even though it’s a small organ, there are so many things happening inside the kidney. There is careful electrolyte management, toxins that are processed and removed from the body, and hormonal functions,” Dr. Malhotra says. “It’s all very complex, and even the biggest experts in the field cannot explain everything that happens and why.”

Dr. Malhotra’s research interests are centered around quality improvement, an area he feels strongly about in regard to transplant patients. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and his wife, who is an endocrinologist in a community practice affiliated with Yale.






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