Thomas M. Halaszynski, MD,DMD



Conditions & Treatments

Ambulatory Anesthesia


I am responsible for anesthesia clinical care services and program implementation for regional nerve blocks/nerve plexus blockade during anesthesia, surgery, and postoperative pain management. These roles are conducted with medical students, residents, and fellows. I am responsible for teaching and supervising, as well as personally performing regional anesthesia and nerve plexus blockade procedures during surgery and with the palliative care initiatives. I have assembled and strategically coordinated a team of anesthesia faculty members in order to support this endeavor while I am responsible for development of formal protocols. I also perform daily appraisal of the program along with members of the surgical services.

I have developed, and implemented, our department’s current administrative, clinical and educational protocols for the regional service and perform daily clinical qualitative and quantitative measures of the Regional Anesthesia/Acute Pain Medicine (RA/APM) Program. Clinical implementation, and ongoing assessment incorporates engaging members of the anesthesiology, nursing, and surgical departments, as well as hospital administration toward the development of a referral-based clinical program/practice. I serve as the lead attending physician on this anesthesia consult service which evaluates and treats patients referred to the RA/APM Program. I provide feedback measures along with evaluating clinical success and efficacy of the service for both practitioners (residents, fellows and faculty) and recipients (patients, nurses and surgeons) of the program. In addition, I also serve as an attending physician on the regional/pain medicine and anesthesia services approximately 2 weeks/month to oversee the regional anesthesia and anesthesia clinical care provided by house staff teams (medical students, residents, fellows and junior faculty).






Education & Training


Temple University;Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine


Montefiore Medical Center;Yale New Haven Hospital


Yale School of Medicine