Maura Shea is grateful to Larry Rossetti and his team for helping to locate a favorite bracelet.

When Maura Shea, RN, senior Human Resources representative, dropped a bracelet down the drain in a Selina Lewis Building bathroom last month, she was devastated. A gift from her parents over 30 years ago, the bracelet held sentimental value for Shea, who lost her mother in 1984 and her father in 2000.

Upon hearing about the bracelet, Larry Rossetti, manager of Plant Operations at the Saint Raphael Campus, and his team began a hunt through the pipes running from the Selina Lewis Building third floor to the basement. He was assisted by Mark Hilo, building mechanic, and Jose Rodridgues and Carlos Laureano of Sanitrol Services, the hospital's drain cleaning contractor.

For three days, when they weren't busy with other calls, they searched, using special equipment like a camera and water jet. They examined water flow rates to determine how far the bracelet might have gone, and at one point removed a section of pipe. "It was a collaborative effort," Rossetti said. "We all wanted to help save something that meant so much to another employee."

Shea wasn't sure she would see the bracelet again, but was so grateful for the "Herculean" search efforts she bought lunch for Plant Operations staff and others involved.

Finally, Rossetti and Rodrigues found the bracelet and maneuvered it via water jet to a basement trap. They removed it and Rossetti took it home, thoroughly cleaned it and put it in a jewelry box for Shea.

Shea was so impressed with the team's efforts, she notified William Mahoney, executive director of Plant Engineering, and Kevin Myatt, YNHHS senior vice president and chief human resources officer, who shared their appreciation for the team's customer service.

"I didn't intend to create more work for Larry and his department, but they were just phenomenal," Shea said. "They really represent the best of the best at the hospital."