One message that has come through loud and clear on the Employee Engagement Surveys is that employees want to know more about the current state of Yale New Haven Hospital, priorities and plans for the future. President Richard D'Aquila heard that message.

Traditionally, he has held a series of open forums twice a year on these and other key topics. But with employees at more than 100 hospital locations throughout the state, and many working different days and different shifts, not all staff members could make it to the forums.

Inspired by employees' feedback, D'Aquila recently launched new open forums videos that will be available to all employees, regardless of where or when they work.

In the videos, he'll cover fiscal year highlights, focus areas and challenges, information about the hospital budget, PIP performance, long-term strategies and other subjects. The videos will be shown at quarterly department meetings led by each area's senior vice president, who will be able to provide examples of how hospital topics covered in the videos specifically apply to their departments and employees. Questions and discussion will follow the videos; employees can also submit questions and feedback to D'Aquila via the Go Ahead and Ask link on the employee intranet or through their managers.

"Feedback on the engagement surveys, and the questions and suggestions I get from employees throughout the year, have been extremely valuable in guiding the topics for these quarterly communications," D'Aquila said. "I look forward to sharing this vital information with all Yale New Haven Hospital employees, and hearing their ideas on how we can make our hospital even better."