Yale New Haven Health System, in collaboration with the YNHH Heart and Vascular Center, is implementing a new cardiology and vascular imaging and reporting system that will make it easier for physicians to share information.

As part of ongoing efforts to standardize systems and processes, the Lumedx Cardiovascular Information System is being used at Yale New Haven Hospital and will soon be implemented at YNHH outpatient HVC imaging centers and cardiology practices. Bridgeport and Greenwich hospitals and Northeast Medical Group practices will begin using the new system in the next year and a half.

Planning and implementation are being coordinated by Information Technology Services' Clinical Imaging Technology group, with help from the Desktop Applications, Server, Storage, Network and Integration groups.

Previously, YNHH used seven different cardiology imaging and reporting systems; seven other types of systems are being used at other YNHHS delivery networks.

"Cardiology imaging has been fragmented," said Matthew Zawalich, director, ITS Clinical Imaging Technology. "This new system will standardize our care processes and reporting so that regardless of where a patient has imaging performed, physicians throughout the health system and in some community practices will be able to access images and reports."

The Lumedx system automatically acquires and stores images from different procedures, including echocardiograms, nuclear medicine procedures and vascular ultrasounds. Plans are to expand the system to additional cardiac imaging procedures, including coronary angiography.

The system will include a new reporting architecture for these procedures, with information housed in a database that allows for report generation to improve quality, efficiency and advanced research opportunities, said Keith Churchwell, MD, vice president and executive director of YNHH Heart and Vascular Services. Lumedx also includes an analytics tool that can be used for various purposes,  including pinpointing trends in clinical data and ensuring the right information is being collected and tracked for studies, said Erica Sagan, ITS technical analyst.

In addition to the Lumedx system, YNHHS is implementing Epiphany's Cardio Server system for EKG management. Yale New Haven Hospital implemented the system in September; Bridgeport and Greenwich hospitals and various outpatient locations will begin using it in summer. With Ephiphany, YNHHS will consolidate four different EKG management systems and in some outpatient offices, replace all-paper operations.