Marna Borgstrom, YNHHS president and CEO

Marna Borgstrom, president and CEO, Yale New Haven Health System, has been named chair of the board of a new company that combines VHA Inc., a national network of not-for-profit healthcare organizations, and UHC, the alliance of the nation's leading not-for-profit academic medical centers. The combination of VHA and UHC will create the largest member-owned healthcare company in the U.S. The new company will provide services to nearly 30 percent of the nation's hospitals, offering members access to leading practices, networking and knowledge-sharing to help improve care quality and cost.

Sherri Witkins, RN, BSN

Sherri Witkins, RN, BSN, has been named patient service manager, Yale New Haven Children's Hospital's Perioperative Service. She joined YNHH in 1988 as an OR nurse and was most recently assistant patient service manager in the adult Perioperative Service. In addition to her work at Yale New Haven, Witkins has volunteered in a number of third-world countries, assisting with surgeries on children and adults. She earned her associate's degree in nursing from Quinnipiac College and her BS in nursing from Excelsior College, and is currently pursuing an MS in nursing management from Excelsior College.

Christa K. Murphy, RN, BSN

Christa K. Murphy, RN, BSN, has been named patient service manager, Heart and Vascular Center Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (SP 5-1). She joined Yale New Haven Hospital on a General Medicine unit in 1996 and became a cardiac intensive care nurse in 1998. Murphy earned her BS in nursing from Binghamton University and her MS in healthcare administration from the University of New Haven.