Childbirth and Parenting Classes

We're dedicated to helping you and your family get off to the best start. Our maternity experts support you through pregnancy and beyond with educational resources, childbirth and infant care classes, breastfeeding and more.

Select classes from the list below. Online registration is available for many classes, or call 203-688-2000 or toll-free 1-888-700-6543.

This popular, two-hour class allows your husband, partner or friend to learn how to be actively involved in easing discomforts as you go through the challenges of pregnancy and birthing. Because you work as a team, this class helps enhance family bonding.

This two hour seminar is held once per month. Lead by a certified lactation consultant, this course is meant for moms on maternity leave expecting to go back to work in the coming weeks. Moms will learn strategies to continue breastfeeding while back at work. Babies are encouraged to attend.

Our Breastfeeding Couples Class is for expectant and new parents. Learn the basics of breastfeeding, including proper latch-on, infant feeding cues, positioning and how to establish a good milk supply. 

Childbirth Education classes include a one-day class, three week Lamaze®, a two-week series or a five-week HypnoBirth® series. You and your partner will learn the essentials of labor and birth, relaxation techniques and pain relief options. All of our Childbirth Education classes are led by experienced childbirth educators giving you the tools to be an informed and confident participant in the birth of your baby. Maternity tour is not included in childbirth classes; please register for your free tour separately.

We recommend that Childbirth Education be taken two months prior to your due date. Our childbirth classes are recommended for first time parents, experienced parents, parents expecting multiples as well as parents preparing for VBAC (vaginal birth after cesearan).

This highly endorsed program is a must for new and expectant families with dogs. Dogs & Storks was created to provide families and professionals with the resource to successfully include the dog as the family grows. Topics covered include: getting to know your dog, obedience and training, changes in routine, managing kid and dog zones, preparing for baby, coming home and meeting baby, and ages and stages: what to look out for.

The goal of HypnoBirthing is to give you the tools to have a birth experience without fear and anxiety. Fear has a profound physiological effect on the childbirth experience. Without fear you can stay calm and in control throughout the entire process. This course also features an opportunity to meet with a hypnobirth certified doula. The course is led by a Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator in the original Mongan Method by HypnoBirthing International.

This one-time, 3-hour class teaches the basics of infant/child cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as safety including prevention of common childhood accidents and injuries. This class is recommended for parents, grandparents and babysitters.

In this course you and your partner will learn about birth with a Lamaze-certified educator. The Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices help simplify the birth process with a natural approach that helps alleviate fears and manage pain. Regardless of the baby's size, labor's length and complexity, or the mother's confidence level, these care practices will help keep labor and birth as safe and healthy as possible.

We will take you on a one-hour guided tour which will include admission, labor and birth, postpartum and discharge. Schedule the tour at least two to three months before the due date. The tour is free and designed for expectant moms and their partners only.

Children can get familiar with the hospital in our Sibling Class.

This class covers basic infant care, including feeding, diapering, swaddling and bathing, infant safety, typical newborn appearance and behavior, methods for soothing a fussy baby and adjusting to life with a new baby. The class is presented by one of our experienced nurses along with a local pediatrician. This is a 3-hour course.

Getting your child ready to be the "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" isn't always easy. This unique, popular class is for children ages 3-10. It also includes an introduction to the hospital.

To reserve your child's spot, call 203-688-9355 two months before your baby's due date.

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