Maternity Services — Saint Raphael Campus

Compassionate, patient- and family-centered care is the hallmark of maternity care at Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus. The team of certified nurse midwives, obstetricians, nurses and pediatricians work collaboratively to provide women with high-quality clinical services and personalized care that they expect and deserve for themselves and for their children.

Vidone Birth Center

The center features hotel-like labor and delivery rooms with soothing colors, soft lighting, beautiful artwork and updated bathrooms. A comfortable family-friendly lobby is also available for visitors.

"Baby Friendly" Hospital

Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus is designated as "Baby Friendly" by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI). Baby-Friendly hospitals provide the highest level of care in infant nutrition education, mother-infant bonding, and confidence-building in the parenting process. Mothers delivering at Baby-Friendly hospitals tend to breastfeed longer than mothers delivering at other hospitals. As part of its Baby-Friendly designation, the Vidone Birth Center offers childbirth education classes, covering baby care, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding and infant massage.

Labor and Birth

The Labor and Birth floor is composed of a nine-bed unit with six birthing rooms, one triage room and two operating suites. The delivery team customizes the expectant mother's plan of care to make sure we meet her needs. Trained in the latest delivery methods, we offer labor support and 24-hour, in-house anesthesia services to make the expectant mother's experience as comfortable as possible. 

We encourage the expectant mother to have a support person to assist her as her labor coach and share in the birth experience. We also allow siblings to be involved in the birth process with notice given to the nursing staff. For more information about Labor and Birth, please call 203-789-3461.

Comfort Measures

We provide continuous support during labor and encourage freedom of movement. Comfort measures offered include nitrous oxide, hydrotherapy in a private spa-like tub,  and other non-invasive labor support. A neonatal practitioner is immediately available at the time of birth, and comprehensive breastfeeding support and pediatric care is provided.

Necessary interventions are readily available for obstetric and medical conditions that may arise, including cesarean section, epidural anesthesia, and neonatal resuscitation, as well as access to high-risk specialists and newborn intensive care if needed.


After the birth, mothers are given time to bond and breastfeed, if desired. Then the mother is prepared for her post-partum stay. Our Post-Partum Unit is an 11-bed unit with private rooms. The baby's father or someone significant in the mother's life is encouraged to stay and be part of the experience. We also encourage rooming in -- keeping the baby in the hospital room during the post-partum stay. Caring for a new baby under the guidance of skilled nurses provides the optimal learning experience and prepares parents for the transition from hospital to home.

Visiting Hours

Our visiting hours are from 10 am - 8 pm daily.


We offer a number of classes to help families prepare for the upcoming arrival of a new baby and support afterwards. 

B.A.B.Y. Program

We understand the challenges you face as a new mom with a newborn. Our new post-discharge breastfeeding program, Breastfeeding Advances Baby's first Year (B.A.B.Y.) offers lactation screening, breastfeeding education and peer support. In accordance with the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) and Healthy People 2020, our goal is to provide the education and support you need to ensure your breastfeeding success and help you maintain exclusive breastfeeding for six months, with sustained breastfeeding through baby's first year.

We encourage all new breastfeeding moms to attend this program. Referral/appointment cards are available on the Sister Louise Anthony-5 Unit, but drop-ins are welcome. The program will cover common post-discharge breastfeeding problems. You and your baby will be screened for individual concerns by our lactation consultants, certified nurse midwives and pediatricians as needed.

While this doesn't replace your routine pediatric and OB/GYN office visits, you can take advantage of this breastfeeding support as often as you'd like once you've had your initial visit. The program is offered Mondays from 1 - 3 pm and Thursdays from 6 - 8 pm. For more information, please call 888-700-6543. Online registration is available.

Fetal Care Center

The Fetal Care Center brings together top experts to create a complete care plan for pregnant women whose obstetrician has detected a problem in their developing baby.

Learn more about the Fetal Care Center

Maternal-Fetal Medicine for High-Risk Pregnancies

From diabetes management to recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy loss, the experienced team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists provides the full spectrum of prenatal, delivery and postpartum care for women experiencing high-risk pregnancies.

Maternity Services on the Saint Raphael Campus

Find out more about the special features of maternity care available on the Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus.

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