Bone Center

The Bone Center offers care for adults and children with simple to complex bone diseases and related problems. Patients will learn how to increase their strength, maintain mobility, and preserve a healthy skeletal system.

The Bone Center Team works closely with physicians of many medical specialties including endocrinologists, orthopedists, physical therapists and nutritionists. Physicians have expertise in disorders of the bone, calcium and phosphorous metabolism.Nutritionists are available for consultation and help patients to develop a diet to promote good bone health.


Osteoporosis is an area expertise at the Bone Center. As part of the office consultation, the patient completes a thorough, six-page questionnaire detailing his or her medical and lifestyle history, in addition to, receiving a bone density scan. The clinician analyzes the scan and provides a report including of the patient's lifestyle factors. This has proven especially helpful to physicians and specialists who refer patients to the Center for further diagnosis and treatment.


The Bone Center also provides consultative support for Yale New Haven Transplantation Center. Patients who undergo transplant surgery of the liver, kidney, heart or lung lose a tremendous amount of bone mass. The Bone Center Team helps patients to minimize their risk of developing skeletal disease later in life. 

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