The Hand Program

The Hand Program is one of the region's most comprehensive for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of simple and complex conditions of the hand. In the event of a hand trauma, sports or work-related injury, arthritic or lifestyle hand pain, our professionals specializing in orthopedic and plastic surgery represent a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. This team of highly dedicated professionals offers timely, detailed communication about diagnosis, treatment and follow-care.

Why Choose the Hand Program at YNHH

The close relationship between the orthopedic and plastic surgeons along with certified hand therapists enables us to utilize specialized techniques for diagnosing and treating even the most complex injuries, abnormalities or diseases of the hand.

Protect Your Hands

Wrist and hand problems can often cause significant disability during every day work and recreational activities. Joints that have been affected by arthritic changes can be damaged easier than normal joints. Often simple changes can significantly decrease stress, prevent deformity, conserve energy and improve function.

For More Information

For information and appointments, please call 888-956-4263 (HAND) and ask for a referral to a Hand Program physician.