VERA Rehabilitation Program

At Yale New Haven Health, we want you to get back to the rhythm of your regular activities as soon as possible after hip or knee replacement surgery. That’s why we offer VERATM, an innovative virtual rehabilitation program developed by Reflexion Health. VERA prepares you before surgery and speeds your recovery afterwards.

VERA is an FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant designed to help your recovery from joint-replacement or spine surgery in the comfort of your own home.  Using advanced motion-detection technology, VERA coaches you through your prescribed physical therapy exercises. The VERA system monitors, records and measures your activity. Your physical therapist and medical team can access reports on your progress in real-time or online 24/7.

Physical Therapy with VERA

VERA makes it easy and convenient for you to stay on track for recovery. As an on-screen coach, VERA demonstrates the proper form for your prescribed physical therapy exercises and offers step-by-step instructions to help you do them correctly. The system also tracks your progress to recovery as you follow the in-home exercises.  Your therapist and medical team can see videos of your exercises and modify your plan at any time throughout your treatment.