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Transplantation - Father Georgia's Story

Father Georgia's Story

After a months-long battle with liver and kidney disease, Father John Georgia, the pastor of the Church of Resurrection in Wallingford, was restored to health after a liver and kidney transplant at Yale New Haven Hospital. He and his doctors relate his experience.

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Tissue Typing Laboratory

YNHTC has its own tissue typing laboratory, where a series of blood tests are performed in order to find good compatibility between a donor organ and the recipient. Specific tests include histocompatibility testing, in which a patient's tissue is matched with potential donor tissue; cross-match testing, to determine the occurrence of rejection-promoting antibodies; and testing to determine a patient's overall ability to accept the transplanted organ. The staff of the tissue typing laboratory is committed to the rapid assessment of the test results, in order to provide the multidisciplinary medical team with the best information to develop the most effective treatment plan.