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SpaceOAR® Assisted Prostate Cancer Treatment

For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, Smilow Radiation Oncology provides radiation therapy as a common and proven treatment option. As with any radiation therapy, there can be potential side effects, in this case possible injury to healthy cells in the rectum — which is next to the prostate — and problems with bowel movements. Those side effects are often temporary, but some men have symptoms that persist for years and require follow-up treatment. 

To reduce the risk of damage to the rectum, Smilow offers the SpaceOAR system, which uses hydrogel technology to push the rectum away from the prostate, significantly reducing the radiation dose to the rectum. The SpaceOAR hydrogel is injected during a minimally invasive procedure, and once in place, the patient typically can’t feel it. After radiation treatment is completed, the hydrogel is absorbed and passed in urine, leaving nothing behind.

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SpaceOAR is a registered trademark of Augmenix, Inc.