Smilow Cancer Hospital Creative Expression Program

As the newest and most comprehensive cancer hospital in New England, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven has established an evidence-based art program expressly for the emotional and physical well being of patients and their families. This program goes hand in hand with our belief that emotional healing contributes significantly to physical healing.

A Collection of Quality, Discernment and the Power to Heal

A committee of art consultants, patient advisors, care givers and administrators has selected over 700 pieces of original art. These are works created by artists throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic whose styles are not only unique, but also reflective of the evidence-based philosophy of healing. This collection of works comprises the third largest permanent art display in Connecticut.

From Treatment to Therapy: Art from a Patient's Perspective

Enhancing the quality of the environment through design helps to reassure the patient of the quality of care they are receiving. By feeling better, the patient can actually start to become better.

The placement of each artwork is therefore as carefully considered as the work itself. Pieces are grouped thematically, based on where they will be viewed and how they can positively affect patients through the various stages of treatment.

Sweeping landscapes create a calming effect in pre-treatment areas, while, in post-operative areas, local scenes of community reassure the patient that he or she is close to home and family once again.

A Part of Our Commitment to the Bigger Picture

The art displayed throughout Smilow Cancer Hospital is more than a part of the healing process alone. Each piece serves as a reminder of our commitment to the communities we serve, the knowledge we impart and the hope that advanced research brings to the future of cancer care.

Creative Expression Message Wall

Submit a message of inspiration for our patients, families, and staff, as part of the Creative Expression Program.

The Art of Healing

Art can transform the lives of cancer patients. At Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale New Haven, a unique program brings together cancer patients with local and regional art that is chosen for its ability to empower, soothe and heal.