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Why Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center

Dedicated to providing compassionate care of the highest quality, the Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center (YNHTC) team is comprised of world-renowned physicians, surgeons and scientists and a wide variety of organ transplant and medical specialties. Expert integration of clinical disciplines is one of the major principles on which YNHTC has been built. Working hand in hand with nurses, social workers and support staff, YNHTC physicians and surgeons coordinate the complex treatments before transplantation and afterward.

Why Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center

Father Georgia's Story


After a months-long battle with liver and kidney disease, Father John Georgia, the pastor of the Church of Resurrection in Wallingford, was restored to health after a liver and kidney transplant at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He and his doctors relate his experience.

Our outcomes

Any transplant program can claim to be the best. But when it comes to measuring how good a transplantation center is, data speaks louder than words. According to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, a national database of organ transplantation statistics:

  • The adult patient one-year survival rate for liver transplants at YNHTC is 89 percent
  • The pediatric patient one-year survival rate for liver transplants at YNHTC is 100 percent
  • The adult patient one-year survival rate for kidney transplants at YNHTC is 98 percent
  • The pediatric patient one-year survival rate for kidney transplants at YNHTC is 100 percent
These superior outcomes are the result of an uncompromising commitment to provide patients who have end-stage organ failure with state-of-the-art, compassionate care; and restore them to health through innovative surgical and medical procedures. The hallmarks of our program are clinical excellence, passionate patient care and research in organ failure for adult and pediatric patients.


Our team approach

At YNHTC, team members include transplant surgeons, hepatologists, nephrologists, nurses, pharmacists, financial coordinators, nutritionists, social workers, business associates, and even answering service staff who may take calls from concerned patients and families in the middle of the night. This approach has been shown to provide the best experiences and outcomes for patients.

Our experience

YNHTC team members perform liver, kidney, kidney/pancreas, pancreas and heart transplantation. The center is the region's leader in the evaluation and treatment of advanced liver disease. In addition, we provide vascular access for patients who require dialysis treatment. YNHTC offers innovative treatments and access to research trials for patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, including kidney failure, liver failure and Type 1 diabetes mellitus.

YNHTC provides options and hope for high-risk patients who have been turned down for transplantation elsewhere. YNHTC is the only transplant center providing pediatric liver transplantation in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and Southern Massachusetts; in addition we serve the Northeastern U.S. region and receive international referrals. Innovations in surgery include living donor, split, reduced and mono-segment liver transplantation.

Patients who have end-stage kidney disease, complications from diabetes, or both may be referred to YNHTC for transplant evaluation. Our well-established program, in existence for more than 20 years, offers traditional transplantation of the kidney donated from a deceased donor as well as living-donor transplantation.

The Hepatobiliary Cancer Program offers an entire spectrum of therapies for liver cancer, also known as hepatobiliary carcinoma. A combination of interventional radiology and surgical techniques, including ablation therapy, liver resection, new chemotherapeutic options and liver transplantation, are now available; and in certain patients, these treatments can even cure the disease.

YNHTC serves patients from Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, throughout the country and beyond. We are a major referral center for other transplant programs faced with particularly challenging cases.regular basis so that we can monitor their progress with the transplanted organ.

Our history

The history of Yale-New Haven Hospital extends back to 1826, when the General Hospital Society of Connecticut was chartered as the first hospital in Connecticut and the fourth voluntary hospital in the nation. The Hospital is the primary affiliate of Yale School of Medicine.

Historical Milestones at YNHH



1952 Cornea
1967 Kidney (first in Connecticut)
1983 Liver (first in Connecticut)
1984 Heart
1988 Bone marrow
1988 Heart/lung
1989 Pancreas (first in Connecticut)
1990 Single lung
1992 Heart from an unmatched donor
1997 Heart transplants performed on adult identical twins
2003 Jarvik2000 left ventricular assist device

Our patients

While a list of data and milestones can be helpful in making a decision about a transplant center, the words of our patients may well describe the most compelling reasons to choose Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center.


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To reach Yale-New Haven Transplantation Center, please call toll-free 866.YALE.TXP (866.925.3897) or submit your question to our medical staff.

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