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Professional Practice Model

Nurses at Yale New Haven Hospital take great pride in the high-quality service they provide for patients and in the role they’ve played in shaping the hospital’s history through the years. We established the Professional Practice Model to promote a seamless, integrated model for care and to align our philosophy of nursing with the hospital’s overall mission, vision and values.

  1. Interdisciplinary Care
    Our nurses partner with and help coordinate other health care disciplines participating in patient care.
  2. Innovation
    Yale New Haven Hospital Nurses constantly strive to challenge the status quo and establish new ways of achieving higher quality and more effective, efficient care.
  3. Research and Evidence-based Practice
    Continuously improve patient care by seeking out and implementing best practices, and by evaluating current and new practices through research.
  4. Clinical Excellence
    As a hospital, we are proud of our national recognition as a premiere academic medical center—and we’re also proud of our commitment to recognizing and rewarding nursing excellence through our Recognition and Clinical Advancement Program.
  5. Leadership Development
    We believe that every nurse is a leader, and we’re committed to developing leadership skills in all of them.
  6. Nursing Professional Governance
    Through shared decision-making, we place authority, accountability and autonomy at the frontline with our direct care nurses. Nursing Professional Government councils are made up of bedside leaders who strive to create a strong, diverse community of nurses in which every nurse knows that his or her voice is valued. By upholding the principles of partnership, equity, accountability and ownership, Nursing Professional Governance helps ensure excellence in patient care, improved patient and staff satisfaction, decreased turnover rates and financial stability and success for the hospital, and it reinforces our identity as both an employer of choice and a provider of choice.
  7. Quality Metrics
    We evaluate current performance forms for future performance improvement efforts by participating in and continuously measuring institutional and discipline specific metrics, helping promote an organizational commitment to safety.
  8. Education
    As a nursing team, we’re committed to life-long learning and are supported by Yale New Haven Hospital every day through ongoing training opportunities, information about available certifications, a 24/7 informational nursing website, tuition reimbursement, flexible scheduling to attend classes and conferences, and much more.