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Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital offers a full range of audiology services in our specially designed, child-friendly Pediatric Specialty Centers. Our pediatric audiologists are trained and dedicated to improving the lives of children with hearing difficulties.

Our caring team provides compassionate and innovative solutions to diagnostics, treatment and management for a full range of hearing disorders. With specially equipped sound booths we are able to test children from birth through 21 years of age. A test assistant is available for children who may require help understanding the listening tasks while in the booth.


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Specialty services are offered at our hospitals and ambulatory sites.

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Yale New Haven Children's Hospital - Old Saybrook Medical Center - Old Saybrook
Yale New Haven Children's Hospital - Pediatric Specialty Center - Norwalk
Yale New Haven Children's Hospital - Pediatric Specialty Center - New Haven - YNHCH, 2nd Floor
Yale New Haven Children's Hospital - Pediatric Specialty Center - New Haven - Long Wharf
Yale New Haven Children's Hospital - Pediatric Specialty Center - Park Avenue Medical Center - Trumbull

Our pediatric specialists are specially trained to work with children who have complex medical conditions and those who may have a hard time being tested. The most appropriate test is individualized for each child based on their developmental and/or chronological age and other relevant factors. This helps make an appointment successful and may reduce the need for unnecessary follow-up appointments.

Working with the child and family, our audiologists collaborate with other pediatric specialists in fields such as otolaryngology (ENT), speech-language pathology, craniofacial, genetics, neurology, and developmental/behavioral pediatrics to develop an individualized care plan to offer the most effective treatment options.

Using leading technology, our team ensures your child is optimally fit to maximize audibility. In addition to medical professionals, our pediatric audiologists remain in frequent contact with your child’s birth-to-three team, educational audiologists and their school system.

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  • Audiologic evaluations including visual reinforcement audiometry, conditioned play audiometry and conventional techniques
  • Natural Sleep Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response Examination (ABR/BAER)
  • Newborn hearing screening follow up
  • Newborn Intensive Care (NICU) follow-up hearing screenings
  • Sedated Hearing Test (ABR/BAER)

Intervention and Rehabilitation

  • Bone anchored hearing devices
  • Cochlear implants
  • Hearing aids

Hearing Implant Program

Our cochlear implant and bone anchored device program takes a team approach to provide the best care possible for your child. The team includes audiology and otolaryngology as well as nursing, speech pathology and social work. Our implant team coordinator will help each family navigate the process to ensure continuity of care and help plan your child's appointments.

Speech and Auditory Rehabilitation

Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital’s pediatric rehabilitation services includes programs for infants, children and adolescents. Our audiologists collaborate with their team to maximize a child’s speech and language development. The team works to encourage children’s development and recovery through the use of age-appropriate therapeutic play activities and exercises, and patient and family education. For more information, please call 203-688-7994.

Yale School of Medicine

Yale New Haven Health is proud to be affiliated with the prestigious Yale University and its highly ranked Yale School of Medicine.