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Ketogenic Diet for Treatment of Seizures

A third of patients are diagnosed with seizure disorders that are unable to be controlled with the currently available medications. The ketogenic diet is a medical nutrition therapy that which has been proven by studies to be successful in treating certain types of epilepsy. 

In its most basic form, the ketogenic diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. There are many variations, however, and the medical team at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital can help determine the most appropriate form of the diet for your child. Our philosophy is patient focused and we strive to incorporate the family’s cultural background and dietary preferences. Parents and caregivers receive comprehensive training in recipe preparation and cooking, along with how to identify and treat any side effects of the diet. In addition to providing ongoing comprehensive care, our team is actively involved in research dedicated to improving outcomes and management of side effects. 

This is a medical nutrition therapy – a diet that should only be conducted under the supervision of a multidisciplinary medical team that includes a registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

ketogenic introduction

Video: An Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet

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Video: A Beginner's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

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