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Schroth Method for Scoliosis Treatment 

Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital rehabilitation therapists are highly-trained to provide treatment to children and adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and kyphosis conditions using the Schroth Method.

This advanced method of treatment uses postural corrections for motion along with corrective breathing to reshape the patient’s body. Our certified physical therapists are specially trained in the Schroth method. Applying these skills, they provide patients with exceptional care and better outcomes. Treatment integrates pelvic corrections, self-elongation, rotational breathing and muscular re-education to address the patient’s spinal asymmetries.

Treatment sessions

While in the program, patients and families are educated on how to incorporate postural corrections and improve postural awareness in their everyday lives. Daily performance of the home exercise program is key to the success of this approach to treatment.

One-on-one therapy includes education, exercises and breathing techniques specific to each patient’s spinal curve type. 

Therapy includes:

  • Pelvic corrections to create a stable base of support
  • Postural corrections to improve spinal alignment
  • Rotational breathing techniques to facilitate spinal alignment and trunk stabilization
  • Body mechanics using improved posture awareness for daily life 
  • Development of a home exercise program to maximize strength and postural re-education

Goals of Schroth:

  • Enhance posture and breathing pattern
  • Manage curve progression and attempt curve reduction in adolescents
  • Manage and attempt reduction of vertebral rotation
  • Improve stability of pelvis and trunk alignment
  • Decrease symptoms of pain, stiffness and muscle weakness related to scoliotic posture 
  • Avoid scoliosis surgery