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Our culture is what defines us and fuels our accomplishments. It is a mutual expectation that together we will do great things and is what attracts professionals from every part of the world to our organization. This culture is one of the reasons why Yale New Haven Hospital has been able to build a reputation for excellence in patient care and outstanding medical services.

Throughout our history, our mission has been to provide the highest quality care for our patients, to be the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine, to provide a setting for groundbreaking medical research and to give back to our community through health education and access to care.

As an employer, our goal is to attract, hire and retain the very best workers for every job—and to give them the best possible chance of succeeding and continuously growing while they’re here.

It's this commitment that has helped us achieve the ranking of Employer of Choice by some of the country’s most respected organizations. It means our employees know that we’re just as committed to them as we are to our patients—and as innovative with our compensation packages, benefits and employee recognition programs as we are with our medical treatments.

We strive to create the best possible working environment for our employees—one where you’ll be consistently challenged to give your best and be rewarded and appreciated when you do.

Manager Mary Cleary, RN

Meet Mary Cleary, RN

Manager, Core Education

In my work, I have the opportunity to educate nurses on how technology helps us help the patient. You need to love your job to give it your all, and I love my job.