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Employee Stories

Whether behind the scenes in administration or human resources, or face-to-face with patients, staff at YNHH are dedicated to making a positive impact every day. Find out more about why they choose to work at Yale New Haven Hospital and the many opportunities and benefits available.

Careers overview

Explore Career Opportunities

YNHH employees describe the opportunities available at the hospital and what they love about their jobs.

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Experienced nurse

Career Opportunities for Experienced Nurses

Nurses at YNHH are at the forefront of patient care, with many opportunities for growth. Get to know more about what its like to work as a nurse at YNHH.

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New graduate nurse

Career Opportunities for New Graduate Nurses

Why is YNHH the right choice for new nursing graduates? Learn more from nursing staff.

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Allied health

Career Opportunities for Allied Health Professionals

Allied health professionals have exposure to state-of-the art technology and a wide spectrum of services. Meet the staff and learn more about the opportunities available.

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advanced practice provider

Career Opportunities for Advanced Practice Providers

Whether you are a new grad or experienced provider, YNHH has fulfilling opportunities to help grow your career. 

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Volunteer Kevin O'Brien

Meet Kevin O'Brien


My wife died of cancer in 2009 so I understand what patients and families experience.