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Patient Stories

Blake and mom Diane

Blake's Story

On December 11, 2017, Diane went into preterm labor and was brought to Yale New Haven Hospital where she was admitted to labor and delivery. There Diane was visited by a member of the neonatal intensive care team who prepared her and her husband, Morgan, for what would transpire once their baby girl Blake was born...

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James' Story

On November 26, 2016, Patty gave birth to her third child James. Unlike her previous deliveries, James was born very lethargic and needed to be placed on oxygen right away. He recovered quickly after a few minutes and on day five was discharged home. The following day, Patty and her husband noticed James seemed to be choking and coughing...

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Improving Young Lives

"We like to describe the simplest tasks in life by saying, “It’s not brain surgery.” But what about the tasks of an actual brain surgeon, in particular one who operates on children? “Neurosurgery can be incredibly complex,” says Michael DiLuna, MD, one of two pediatric neurosurgeons at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital..."

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Amaodo's Story

Amaodo, age 17, had a history of asthma, so the trouble she was having with her breathing didn't alarm her—at first. But last fall, when the symptoms became worse, she went to her doctor. She was diagnosed with a rare disorder that causes weakness of the skeletal muscles.

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Jack's Story

"Jack Cebulski, 6, a first-grader at Beecher Road School in Woodbridge, was riding in the back seat of a car last year when it was hit head-on. The impact of the crash caused the seatbelt he was wearing to cut through his abdomen all the way through the last layer of his stomach. He also suffered a concussion and a fracture of his spine..."

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Marios Story

Mario's Story

"One month old Mario was admitted to an area hospital with a diagnosis of bronchiolitis, a lung infection that causes congestion in the small airways of the lung. He was later transferred to Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital so that he can be treated by pediatric specialists in respiratory medicine..."

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Kid-Friendly Centers

"Busy parents and sick children aren’t always on the same wavelength. Between work, school and play schedules, getting kids to the hospital for appointments, tests, treatments, surgery and other procedures can be a struggle. To make families’ lives easier, and to ensure that children throughout our community have access to the best possible health care, Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital (YNHCH) is spreading its wings—establishing outpatient Pediatric Specialty Centers conveniently located beyond the confines of the main facility..."

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ECMO to the Rescue

"A specialized pediatric team at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital celebrated a memorable 20th anniversary in 2012. This multidisciplinary group of pediatric specialists goes into action when newborn babies and children develop life-threatening heart and/or lung issues. After all other treatments have been exhausted, a sophisticated life-support therapy, known as ECMO, is administered. During the past 20 years, ECMO has helped bring numerous children back from the brink, which makes the celebration around those success stories all the happier..."

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Telling Kids Like It Is

"To a young child, the hospital can be a mysterious, sometimes fearful place—especially if he or she is going there for medical tests, treatments or procedures. Does getting an IV mean the nurse is going to stick something in my eye? Does a CAT scan have something to do with my kitty?..."

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