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Pediatric Food Allergy Prevention Program

Yale Medicine allergy experts at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital work with families of infants who may be at higher risk for a food allergy due to a family history of allergy, eczema, or previous food reactions.

Our collaborative Food Allergy Prevention Program is the first of its kind in the northeast, offering individualized management from a pediatric food allergist and food allergy dietitian to assess and minimize risk of food allergy development. The team’s objectives are to be at the forefront of patient-centered, evidence-based preventive care and research in allergy prevention.

Food allergy is a chronic medical condition, and over 40% of children with food allergies experience life-threatening reactions. Food allergies are increasing in children, especially those under 4 years of age. The goal of the program is to decrease the prevalence of food allergy on a population scale.

The Food Allergy Prevention Program comprises a team of allergists, dietitians, and nurses who recognize that food allergy prevention is possible. The early stages of an infant’s life are a critical time to introduce preventative methods, such as aggressive skin care and early introduction of allergenic foods under the guidance of an experienced healthcare team.

In collaboration with caregivers to develop an individualized plan of care, our team will incorporate:

  • Evaluation of family history
  • Assessment of food allergy risk
  • Review of infant’s nutritional intake
  • Discussion of individual barriers and concerns
  • Identification of feeding goals
  • Individualized follow-up

Make an Appointment

Patient consultation appointments are available for pregnant women and infants up to one year old. Initial consultations will be telemedicine appointments. We welcome referrals from obstetricians, as well as pediatricians. Appointments can be made by calling 877-YALE-MDS (877-925-3637).


Dietitan Julie Shook-Munoz, Julie Flom, MD,  and Stephanie Leeds, MD

New Pediatric Food Allergy Prevention Program takes novel approach