Community Benefits 2013 Report

$385,950,923: Discover five ways Yale New Haven Hospital used this total dollar amount to benefit our community. Learn more about the benefits below.

YNHH provides free or discounted healthcare services, as well as reimbursements for Medicare and Medicaid patients, benefiting more than 237,800 people. Jennifer Jeter talks about working with families in need of such assistance.

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YNHH contributes to a variety of healthcare education programs that train individuals to become medical professionals—from physicians and nurses to pharmacists and dieticians. Learn how Devonne Canady advanced her career with the help of YNHH.

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YNHH assists local health-education programs, support groups, health fairs and various community organizations. Brandon Young benefits from the YNHH sickle-cell anemia program and, in turn, educates others about the disease.

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YNHH provides financial and in-kind donations to support affordable housing, child care, job training, economic development and other essential services. Dorjee Wangdak, a YNHH employee, is a first-time homeowner thanks to one of these programs.

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YNHH provides funds and in-kind services to dozens of local not-for-profit organizations, benefiting people throughout the community. Learn how Kirsten Cox gained valuable experience working at a CitySeed farmers’ market.

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