Yale New Haven Transplantation Center (YNHTC) is a destination center for patients from around the world who are candidates for liver, kidney, and heart transplantation.

Our reputation as one of the nation’s top transplant centers results from delivering care to hundreds of adults and children each year. Our survival rates among organ transplant recipients consistently rank among the best in the U.S.

Our team of renowned transplant specialists is committed to providing patients with the highest quality of care and innovative treatments, allowing them to return to a full and productive life.

We have a thriving living donor program for kidney and liver transplants, offering our patients excellent outcomes and long-term quality of life.

YNHTC is a major referral center for other transplant programs facing particularly challenging cases and the region’s leader in evaluating and treating advanced liver disease.

Patients have access to innovative treatments and research trials at Yale Center for Clinical Investigation  for a wide range of conditions, including heart, kidney, and liver diseases.

Our Transplantation Services

Our transplant services combine advanced clinical research and innovative approaches to provide quality results and outstanding care to patients and their families. In addition to cardiac transplantation, special services include laparoscopic kidney donation, living donor kidney transplant, split liver and living donor liver transplant, dialysis access surgery, and cellular transplant.

We offer a wide range of laboratory and diagnostic services through the histocompatibility and immune evaluation laboratory. Ongoing development of new strategies for improving transplant care through clinical research, including clinical trials and basic science research, remains integral to our work.

Why Choose Yale New Haven Transplantation Center

Any transplantation center can claim to be the best. But when it comes to measuring how good a transplantation center really is, data speaks louder than words.

Why Choose Yale New Haven Transplantation Center
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Donate Life – Become an Organ Donor

Yale New Haven Transplantation Center is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of becoming an organ donor.

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