Respiratory Medicine at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital provides respiratory care for infants, children and young adults with both chronic and acute respiratory disorders.

At Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, a multi-disciplinary team of pediatric pulmonologists, pulmonary nurse specialists, physical therapists and social workers, diagnose and provide respiratory care to children with numerous pulmonary disorders including: asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic lung disease in both infants and older children, sleep disorders, and technology-dependent respiratory conditions.

Family-centered respiratory care is provided for pediatric patients through a variety of clinical services and programs, including:

  • A multidisciplinary pediatric aerodigestive program that provides comprehensive evaluation and management of children with complex airway, digestive and otolaryngologic conditions;
  • A dedicated asthma care center providing state-of-the-art evaluation, diagnosis, and management for patients with all degrees of asthma severity;
  • An asthma education program that focuses on identifying the early warning signs, measures to decrease triggers in the environment, individualized actions plans and review of medications;
  • Bronchoscopy, to evaluate and diagnose lung problems, assess blockages, obtain samples of tissue and/or fluid, and/or to help remove a foreign body;
  • A dedicated cystic fibrosis care center offering integrated disease management from diagnosis into adulthood;
  • A dedicated pediatric respiratory care unit specifically designed to accommodate the special medical and psychosocial needs of children with chronic respiratory failure, many of whom require mechanical support and are technology-dependent;
  • A dedicated pediatric sleep center providing evaluation of cardiorespiratory and sleep disorders in infants, children and adolescents;
  • Pulmonary function testing including diffusion analysis and challenge tests.

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