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Preparation, protection and prevention will help ward off the cold this weekend

With temperatures this weekend forecast to be the coldest of the winter season to date, doctors in the department of emergency medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital are urging those who need to venture outside to remember the three P’s: preparation, protection and prevention.


Yale-New Haven Hospital opens Connecticut’s newest inpatient bariatric unit

Yale-New Haven Hospital has opened the newest specialized inpatient unit for bariatric surgery patients in the region.


A breakthrough treatment for severe asthma (WTNH)

Bronchial thermoplasty, the first FDA-approved procedure for severe asthma, is a breakthrough treatment. Yale-New Haven Hospital is the only one in the state that offers the outpatient procedure.


YNHH neonatologists study lung function in premature babies (WTNH)

There’s ongoing research to help babies born too soon. Yale researchers are looking into improving the health of premature babies by focusing on their under-developed lungs.


Ask Well: Awake at 2 A.M. (New York Times)

Why are you awake? YNHH sleep expert Meir H. Kryger, MD, has some answers for the New York Times.


Teen's snowmobile skills help Bethany doctor reach baby in crisis (New Haven Register)

Dr. Orly Levit of Bethany considers herself an adventurous person who loves to hike with her family and is well traveled, but answering an emergency call on a snowmobile was not on her to-do list.


Yale center takes the long view of aging research (New Haven Register)

A golden age of geriatric research may be upon us. An array of experts on growing old met at Yale University Thursday to share the latest research findings of the Yale Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center.


State-of-the-art operating room (NBC Connecticut)

A new operating room at YNHH, the result of five years of development, can serve as a venue for minimally invasive procedures, more extensive surgery and robotic imaging. It allows surgeons to share information in real time with other facilities around the world.


Hospital offers free depression screenings

Oct. 3, 2013 — Yale-New Haven Hospital will provide free depression screenings on National Depression Screening Day, Thursday, October 10.


Going beyond the expected at Yale-New Haven Hospital (

In one year vast recycling efforts decreased solid waste to 66 percent of total waste. Recycling climbed to 24 percent, and RMW dropped to 8 percent. Total savings for YNHH were over $50,000.

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