David Colen, MD


Plastic Surgery


Dr. Colen's passion for Reconstructive Surgery derives from the ingenuity and diversity inherent in the field and in pursuing the best functional outcomes for his patients. As a reconstructive surgeon, he is tasked with restoring form and function to the human body, or "putting them back together again." This requires combining in-depth knowledge of anatomy and pathology with creativity and technique, while understanding each patients' goals and expectations. His goal is to optimize every patient's functional result and individualize their care, be they an infant with a congenital difference or an adult after trauma or oncologic care. 

Dr. Colen's passion for extremity reconstruction blossomed early in his training when he was an active member of the Penn Hand Transplantation Program, developing and refining technical protocols for bilateral hand transplants. He partook in three bilateral hand transplants during his training, including the world's first and only pediatric case. Dr. Colen continued to pursue his love for pediatric and adult extremity reconstruction throughout his training, completing a one-year fellowship in Hand and Microsurgery at the Beth Israel Deaconess and Boston Children's Hospitals before joining the Yale Faculty.






Education & Training