Joan L. Combellick, CNM


Certified Nurse Midwife

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Joan Combellick, PhD, CNM, MPH, is a certified nurse-midwife and research fellow.  She has worked in a variety of practice settings and enjoys caring for women through all stages of their lives.

“What I love about midwifery is I can make a tangible difference in improving women’s health care experiences and support them through transitional times in their lives,” Combellick says.

In addition to attending births, she provides obstetrical and gynecological care to women of all ages. “I feel honored to be with women and their families during critical moments,” she says. “It is a gratifying profession for me because of all I learn from the women I care for.”

In regard to current research, Combellick is interested in designing care to best meet the needs of women who have experienced trauma. Previously her research focused on the effects of common birth-related interventions on the newborn’s microbiome. 






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New York University