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Cardiovascular Genetics Program

The Heart and Vascular Center offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary cardiovascular genetics program for adults with increased risk for inherited cardiovascular disease.

Inherited cardiovascular diseases may be rare, such as those affecting heart rhythm, or very common such as those causing high cholesterol levels or coronary artery disease. The Cardiovascular Genetics Program includes cardiovascular geneticists, electrophysiologists, lipidologists, heart failure specialists, genetic counselors and vascular biologists.

Among inherited conditions related to genetics are:

  • Cardiomyopathies
  • Congenital heart disease in adults
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart rhythm disorders
  • Lipid disorders
  • Vascular diseases

The Cardiovascular Genetics Program was the first in the country to use whole exome sequencing to screen for mutations in protein-coding genes underlying cardiovascular diseases.

In this program, a patient meets with a cardiologist specialized in cardiovascular genetics, and a genetic counselor. As part of the clinical care toward diagnosis and treatment planning, family history is evaluated and a physical exam is performed. Genetic testing may be offered to search for the potential genetic causes of the heart condition. If a genetic cause is identified, the team will meet again with the patient to discuss the results of the genetic testing, the potential diagnosis and management and, if necessary, will refer the patient to cardiovascular subspecialists within the program, or provide relevant information to the patient’s referring physician/cardiologist.

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Cardiovascular Genetics Program
cardiovascular genetics

Cardiovascular Genetics Program

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