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PGY1/2 Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership with Masters

The PGY1/2 residency program is a two-year program designed to support pharmacists interested in pursuing a high-level managerial, supervisory, and leadership positions in an institutional pharmacy practice setting. Alongside the residency, residents complete the Masters in Healthcare Administration program at the University of New Haven. 

The PGY1/2 Residency in Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership with Masters consists of a series of learning experiences that span two years (104 weeks).  Specific learning experiences and goals will be accomplished in discrete blocks of time, while others will occur longitudinally throughout the duration of the residency.  Residency time will be generally structured as follows:

PGY1 Year 52 weeks
Orientation / Training   4 weeks
Residency Learning Experiences  44 weeks*
Professional Conference(s) 1 week
Holidays/Time off
14 days
(not a contiguous block)

*residents complete all requirements of the YNHH PGY1 Pharmacy Residency, with the exception of the required 2-4 week Pharmacy Administration rotation and the 6 week Hospital Pharmacy Practice rotation.

PGY2 Year 52 weeks
Residency Learning Experiences  52 weeks
(includes 1 week of Orientation)
Professional Conference(s) 1 week
Interviews/Holidays/Time off
14 days plus 3 interview days
(not a contiguous block)

Required Learning Experiences: 43 weeks

  1. Orientation: 1 week 
  2. Automation and Technology: 4 weeks 
  3. Clinical Pharmacy Leadership: 6 weeks 
  4. Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership: 6 weeks 
  5. Health-System Pharmacy Operations: 4 weeks 
  6. Medication Safety: 4 weeks 
  7. Operations Management: 4 weeks 
  8. Outpatient Pharmacy Services and Business Development: 4 weeks 
  9. Pharmaceutical Procurement, Budgeting, and Contracting: 6 weeks 
  10. Pharmacy Leadership: 4 weeks

Required Longitudinal Learning Experiences

  1. Applied Pharmacy Management (full year)
    1. Includes staffing of two shifts every third weekend (12-day stretches required). Any shift, including night shift, may be assigned at the discretion of the residency program director.
    2. Manager-on-call in alignment with weekend staffing assignment
    3. Time Commitment:
      1. Staffing: 16 hours every third weekend
      2. Manager-on-Call: every third week, 1 hour leading PIC meeting per week; 4-6 hours per week for MOC duties
      3. Direct Report Management: 1.5 hours per month for direct report meetings; 1-2 hours per month for manager duties
  2. National Presence (full year)
  3. Presentations (8 weeks)
  4. Project Management (full year)
    1. At least one major project for presentation at national or regional professional pharmacy conference
  5. Strategic Planning in Healthcare (12 weeks)

Elective Learning Experiences (9 weeks)

  1. Ambulatory Pharmacy Leadership: 3 weeks
  2. Drug Diversion Prevention, Detection, and Response: 3 weeks
  3. Oncology Pharmacy Leadership: 3 weeks
  4. Women’s and Children’s Pharmacy Leadership: 3 weeks 

Educational Opportunities:

  1. Teaching Certificate Program
  2. Department publications
  3. Nursing and Physician In-services
  4. Medication Safety/Quality Presentations
  5. Continuing education presentations

Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of New Haven 

PGY1/2 Health-System Pharmacy Administration and Leadership residents complete the Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program at the University of New Haven over the two-year residency.

The University of New Haven MHA program is a CAHME-accredited program and one of the top 10 largest healthcare administration programs in the U.S. Thirty-six graduate credits are required for completion of the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration:

  • 11 required courses (33 credits)
  • 1 elective course (3 credits)

As a PGY1/2 HSPAL resident at Yale New Haven Hospital, the following 6 credits are waived from the MHA degree requirements on the basis of the experience obtained in the residency:

  • HCAD 6670 – Healthcare Operations Management (3 credits)
  • HCAD 6611 – Healthcare Administration Capstone (3 credits)

Residents complete 1-2 courses at a time alongside the residency, in a curriculum that complements the residency learning experiences.

As part of the partnership between Yale New Haven Hospital and the University of New Haven, tuition and fee expense is reduced for PGY1/2 HSPAL residents by 50%. Additionally, PGY1/2 HSPAL residents are eligible for the tuition reimbursement benefit available to all YNHH employees to assist with the remaining program expense.

View tuition and fee information  

Application and acceptance to the University of New Haven Masters in Healthcare Administration program must be completed in coordination with the residency application.

View the program website for more information