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Is 2021 your year to live healthier? livingwell CARES can help.

Are you looking to make a health resolution that lasts? From managing a chronic condition to making a healthy lifestyle change, Yale New Haven Health’s livingwell CARES (LWC) program offers support to make your intentions a reality.

“If you want to take control of your health and achieve your goals – no matter how big or small – our team can help you make lasting change,” said Nicole Larizza, supervisor, LWC.

So how does it work? Larizza answered some frequently asked questions about the program.

What is LWC and whom does it help?

LWC is a free and confidential care management program for YNHHS employees and their families. We help people who want to manage chronic conditions; lose weight, eat healthier or engage in more physical activity; quit smoking or other tobacco use; improve sleep habits; manage stress and anxiety; or support a healthy pregnancy.

LWC’s care management team helps participants address health concerns, set health goals and ensure they get the care they need to meet those goals. Our team includes nurse care coordinators and health coaches, along with a behavioral health specialist, clinical pharmacist and registered dietitian, who provide additional support as needed.

What is the difference between care coordinators and health coaches?

Care coordinators are registered nurses who help participants with chronic conditions overcome barriers and make decisions to support their health. They help participants navigate the healthcare system by guiding them to the care they need based on their concerns, and can help facilitate that care if needed. Health coaches have special training to help participants make healthy lifestyle changes that support their overall well-being and prevent disease.

What chronic conditions does LWC support?

Conditions include diabetes/pre-diabetes, asthma/COPD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or other cardiovascular disease and overweight/obesity.

My physician oversees my chronic condition. Would LWC supplement or replace that care?

LWC supplements care from your physicians and other healthcare providers; it does not replace it. Our role is to help you make and sustain healthy habits between your doctor visits.

How does working with LWC bring about lasting change?

We look at participants’ individual needs and goals and work as a team to support them in those areas. Your care management team provides the specific resources, knowledge or accountability you need to be successful. You meet regularly to ensure you have the necessary support to make lifestyle and behavior changes that last.

How do I meet with LWC?

At this time, you can connect with LWC via MyChart video (Zoom) or by phone. Daytime, evening and some weekend appointments are available. Most visits are around 30 minutes.

Who can access LWC services?

All YNHHS employees can access LWC services. Employees and family members enrolled in YNHHS’ medical plan are eligible for care coordination and may qualify for discounted rates on certain medications and supplies.

Employees not on YNHHS’ medical plan are eligible for health coaching, but not for care coordination or financial incentives.

Will my manager/YNHHS have access to the information discussed at my LWC visits?

LWC appointments are completely confidential and protected by HIPAA. We do not share information with your manager or YNHHS. However, we do document your visits in Epic.

I opted into/out of LWC during open enrollment. What does that mean?

Throughout the year, our nurses will reach out to employees with certain health conditions who opted into LWC during the 2021 benefits selection period to offer their support via the program. If you do not receive a call, or if you opted out of LWC during open enrollment, you can still contact us any time at 888-533-3742 or [email protected].

For more information about LWC, visit (internal network only).