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Looking for the Tier 1 Signature Network list? Here’s how to find it.

Are you making the most of the YNHHS Medical Plan? 

The plan has three tiers, but the Tier 1 Signature Network includes coverage from select providers, healthcare facilities and services to coordinate your care while meeting your needs and your budget. Employees and their dependents who use clinicians and facilities in the Tier 1 Signature Network have lower co-pays, lower out-of-pocket costs and zero deductibles. 

As of Jan. 1, Cigna became the YNHHS Medical Plan administrator. Most providers and facilities that were part of the Tier 1 network before the transfer to Cigna are still considered Tier 1.

The best way to minimize expenses is to ”know before you to go” to a doctor or other medical appointment. There are a few ways to find the searchable list of Tier 1 Signature Network providers and facilities:


  • On this benefits portal, search “Tier 1” or scroll to the YNHHS Medical Plan section for the link to the Tier 1 providers list.

Access HRConnect, the YNHHS benefits service center by

Contacting patient resource coordinators (PRCs) 

  • Call coordinators at 844-543-2147 (select option 3) to confirm physicians/facilities in the Tier 1 network. PRCs can also help schedule appointments with some Tier 1 providers. PRCs are available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Contacting Cigna advocates

  • Call the dedicated YNHHS representatives at 1-833-73-YNHHS (833-739-6447) to confirm YNHHS Medical Plan Tier 1 providers and facilities or visit

The list of Tier 1 providers is searchable by the doctor’s name, specialty, facility or city/town of the practice. 

Remember to take advantage of the lowest out-of-pocket costs by using a Tier 1 Signature Network provider and a Tier 1 Signature Network facility for services. Providers in the same practice may not all be included in the YNHHS Medical Plan’s Tier 1 Signature Network, so be sure to check the list of providers before your visit.


One way to find Tier 1 providers is to visit Choose your organization, then scroll down to the “Medical and Prescription Drug” icon. Click that, then choose “Medical Plan.” On the Medical Plan page, below, scroll to “View the Tier 1/Signature Care Network.”