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Safety matters: manufacturer instructions for use (MIFU)

Every medical device and patient care item has its own, specific manufacturer instructions for use (MIFU). Employees must follow these instructions to ensure safe, quality patient care. During surveys, regulatory agencies (including The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) check to ensure our organizations are following MIFUs, which list specific instructions on:

  • How to use or operate a piece of equipment
  • Proper storage and maintenance
  • Cleaning and/or disinfecting requirements 

If a surveyor asks how you know how to use or clean a piece of medical equipment, you can answer, “We follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.”

When should a MIFU be used?  

  • To train staff when new equipment or patient care products are introduced to a unit
  • When there is any question about how to use, clean or maintain a piece of equipment  

YNHHS staff can access MIFUs for medical devices and patient care items through the OneSource database. MIFUs housed in OneSource include manufacturer updates.

Speak with your manager if you have questions about the MIFU for equipment you use or if you can’t locate an MIFU.