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What’s up with the Adams Neurosciences Center and Bed Tower Project?

neurosciences construction 

A still photo from an Earthcam camera shows the front of the McGivney Center for Advanced Surgery in October 2022 (above) and late February 2023 (below). The trailers atop the surgery center have been removed, along with the overhangs on the front of the building. The McGivney Tower will be built atop the surgery center, which remains open during construction.

A better question might be, “What’s down?” 

Some of the most visible work so far has been the removal of buildings along Sherman Avenue, including the former convent and two houses previously used for offices and the Pastoral Care department. Demolition of the Private Building on Sherman Avenue is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks. All of this work is creating space for the new, eight-story Sherman Tower, with 102 patient rooms and an underground garage.

To make way for the seven-story, 112-room McGivney Tower, crews have removed overhangs and other structures from the entrance of the building housing the McGivney Advanced Surgery Center. The tower will be built atop the surgery center building, so crews also removed roof trailers that previously housed outpatient clinics. 

Another very visible piece of the Neurosciences Center and Bed Tower project is the new, 781-space Orchard Street Garage that has sprung up on what was once a surface parking lot at the corner of Orchard and George streets. While the precast concrete for the structure was completed March 1, crews still have interior and utility work to do. The new garage, which is the first of a two-phase project, is scheduled to open in the fall. Once this phase opens, crews will begin phase 2: demolishing and replacing the existing Orchard Street Garage. 

Thanks to employees, patients and visitors for their patience during all of the work. Watch for future updates on the Neurosciences and Bed Tower project.

neurosciences construction

On the left, the former convent building (above), and during demolition (below). This and other buildings have been removed to make way for the new Sherman Tower.  
In the center, the site of the new Orchard Street Garage when assembly of the precast structure was just starting, in early December 2022. On the right, in late February 2023, the structure is mostly assembled, with interior and utility work under way.