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PEACE recognition announced

These employees received PEACE (Patient Experience Award for Caring and Excellence) recognition for going above and beyond to meet patients’ and families’ needs.


Luwan Durant, associate transplant coordinator, Transplantation Center, was honored for compassionate care of a patient who was on the street in front of the hospital. Noting that the patient appeared confused, Durant determined she had been left alone by a family member to get a prescription refill. Durant contacted the patient’s primary care provider, who advised her to send the patient to a nearby walk-in clinic. Concerned about the patient’s safety, Durant escorted her to the Emergency Department and, with Protective Services, arranged a ride for the patient to the clinic to get her medication. 

Alyssa Taqi, PharmD, specialty clinical pharmacist, Outpatient Pharmacy Services, was honored for going above and beyond to ensure a patient’s safety. While on the phone with the patient for routine medication monitoring, Taqi ascertained that she was being abused by her spouse. Because the spouse was in the room during the call, Taqi tailored her assessment questions to gather information about the patient’s immediate safety. She encouraged the patient to schedule a medical appointment to get her out of the house. Taqi then obtained patient consent to inform caregivers of her situation and helped coordinate a plan for her safety and well-being. 

All employees, physicians and volunteers are eligible for the monthly PEACE recognition. Send nominations to: [email protected].