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neurosciences center

Neurosciences Center and Bed Tower project update

Demolition, oxygen tank work scheduled for this month 

As part of the Saint Raphael Campus Neurosciences Center and Bed Tower project, crews are scheduled to relocate the oxygen tank behind the former Convent and begin demolishing buildings along Sherman Avenue this month. 

The oxygen tank was scheduled to be moved to a temporary spot next to the Selina Lewis building earlier this week. It will be moved to its permanent location – behind the Orchard Street Garage – in the future.

Structural demolition is scheduled to begin in late November, depending on logistics. Demolition will start with the two houses and Convent building previously used for general offices and the Pastoral Care department. Demolition of these buildings, along with the Private and Whitcomb buildings, will be performed in phases over the next several months.

Crews have been clearing and preparing the Convent and two houses for demolition. Stained-glass windows and other religious artifacts will be donated to the Archdiocese of Hartford. 

The demolition contractor will take steps to minimize dust. Because it will occur within the existing footprint of the campus, demolition is not expected to affect traffic on Sherman Avenue or George Street. 

Some structures outside the McGivney Advanced Surgery Center, including a wall and overhang, also will be demolished, and structural preparations will be made above the surgery center. As a result, the Saint Raphael Campus hospital shuttle will be rerouted in December. Watch for information about the new route in the coming weeks, as well as updates and important notifications on the Neurosciences Center and Bed Tower project.