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Employee safety: preventing slips, trips, and falls

Work-related slips, trips and falls can cause serious injuries that impact an employee’s ability to do their job. This can result in lost workdays, lower productivity, expensive worker compensation claims and decreased ability to care for patients.

Safety is a top priority at Yale New Haven Health, but accidents still happen. The top 10 causes of slips, trips and falls are: 

  • Contaminants on the floor (water, grease, oil, fluid, food)
  • Tripping hazards: clutter, loose cords, hoses, wires, medical tubing
  • Indoor and outdoor walking surface irregularities
  • Stairs 
  • Step stools and ladders
  • Improper use of floormats and runners
  • Poor drainage from pipes and drains
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Weather conditions, such as ice and snow

To help prevent slips, trips and falls, clean up spills or call Environmental Services; pay attention to what you’re doing and be aware of your surroundings; do not text or talk on the phone while walking; wear proper footwear with traction; carry belongings in a backpack to keep both hands free; and walk slowly and carefully (like a penguin), especially on ice and snow. 

For more information, contact Brian Rego, safety specialist, [email protected].