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As Internet Explorer nears its end, MS Edge positions a takeover


Once the most popular web browser in the world, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 11 will officially be put out to digital pasture next June. 


Yale New Haven Health planned to get a jump on IE’s last day and transition all workstation platforms to a new web browser Nov. 19, 2021. Taking IE’s place is Edge, the latest web browser from Microsoft. It promises to be faster than IE and more secure than Chrome or Firefox.

“Microsoft Edge is a superior web browser, made for the way people use the internet today,” said Lisa Stump, YNHHS senior vice president and chief information officer. “More websites no longer support IE, and our Help Desk continues to hear about problems people have when trying to access websites. They may see messages that the website is unavailable, or the site displays only portions of the page. This is not the user experience we want for our employees. Redirecting our default browser to Microsoft Edge will improve performance and compatibility.”

Some important information about the move to the new web browser: 

  • If you’re a Chrome fan, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to use it.
  • Internet Explorer will not be removed from workstations at this time.
  • To launch the new browser, open Microsoft Edge from the taskbar, start menu or desktop icon.
  • You will need to copy your bookmarked favorite sites from IE to Edge. In Edge, click the Favorites icon and select Import IE Favorites. The dialog box shows the most appropriate settings already selected. Click Import to have your sites copied into Other Favorites. 

Browsers running within the Citrix MyApps environment will remain on IE 11, including the intranet launched from MyApps and web links launched via Epic Hyperspace.
Microsoft Edge’s features include:

  • One browser, not two. Edge can open both legacy and next-generation sites, so you don’t need to bounce between IE and another browser.
  • Faster performance. Edge delivers better speed, compatibility, security and privacy. 
  • Unique innovations. Better organize and view your tabs with vertical tabs, and quickly access Microsoft apps and files in browser tabs.
  • Search without opening a new tab. Highlight what you want to search, right-click it and select Search in Sidebar. 

For more information, including instructions on copying bookmarked favorites, download or view this document: Browser Favorites Import to Microsoft Edge (in network only).