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YNHHS discontinues PTO donation programs

Effective March 27, YNHHS will discontinue its PTO donation programs. Under the current programs, employees have been able to donate PTO hours to a specific colleague who experienced a catastrophic personal or family medical condition that depleted their PTO balance.

IRS rules require that donations go to a general pool (rather than be designated to a particular individual). Additionally, both the donor and recipient would have to pay tax on the value of the donation.

Based on a thorough and thoughtful review, YNHHS does not believe the IRS parameters meet the needs of the health system’s workforce or the PTO donors’ intentions. While the PTO donation programs have been well-received by employees, they affect a very small number.

A transition plan will enable employees out on approved, continuous leaves as of March 27, 2020 to continue using PTO donations until the end of those leaves. March 27 will be the last day PTO donations can be made. Any donations made on or before that date may be used by employees out on an approved continuous leave as of the March 27, 2020, date.

If you have questions, please speak with your manager or contact HRConnect, 1-844-543-21HR. Frequently asked questions about the program discontinuation are available on the HRConnect website.