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Resources and Support

Yale New Haven Hospital's commitment to comprehensive, compassionate care for weight loss patients reaches beyond the examination room. We provide access to a variety of support services and resources for potential, pre- and post-operative bariatric surgery patients.

The widespread use of support groups has provided weight loss surgery patients an excellent opportunity to discuss their various personal and professional issues. Most learn, for example, that weight loss surgery will not immediately resolve existing emotional issues or heal the years of damage that obesity might have inflicted on their emotional well-being. Ongoing post-surgical support helps product the greatest level of success for their patients.

We hold monthly support group meetings which address the needs of preoperative and postoperative patients. In addition, nutritional support groups and behavioral aftercare lifestyle programs are available on an ongoing basis. 

Comprehensive Follow-Up Care

At Yale New Haven Hospital, surgeons closely monitor patients after all weight-loss procedures. Routine follow-up visits are scheduled at two weeks, two months, six months and 12 months following surgery. After one year, visits are annual. During these exams, care providers review personalized health, diet, exercise, medication and vitamin/mineral requirements. Annual visits help us provide you with early intervention for any postoperative problems and to track your progress over time. 

Multidisciplinary Team 

Our experienced multidisciplinary weight-loss team includes surgeons, Physician Assistants (PA), Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN), dietitians, social workers and exercise physiologists who work with you and support you throughout your journey to bariatric surgery and after surgery. If you would like to transfer your care to our team, please call 1-877-YALE-MDS (925-3637) to start the process.

Free Bariatric Support Group

Our free bariatric patient support group welcomes individuals considering, preparing for and working to stay on track after weight-loss surgery. The group, which is led by our Licensed Clinical Social Worker.



Bariatric Surgery Webinars

Bariatric Surgery Webinars

Join us for a free, live webinar to learn how to improve your health with bariatric weight-loss surgery.

bariatric video

Interested in learning more about bariatric surgery?

See how our experts are with you throughout your weight-loss journey.