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Transitional Care Center

Outpatient management for patients with heart failure

The Transitional Care Center (TCC) offers comprehensive outpatient care to patients with heart failure, especially those who have been hospitalized or who are at risk of re-admission.

Our care team includes a cardiologist with expertise in heart failure management, nurse practitioners, heart failure nurses, researchers and social workers. They work closely with our advanced heart failure service to ensure patients have access to the most current treatments.

At the TCC, patients receive:

  • Heart failure education
  • Diuretic resistance testing
  • Heart failure disease management
  • Heart failure remote monitoring diagnostics
  • Intravenous diuretic administration
  • Ongoing communication with their primary care and/or specialist provider
  • Symptom and weight tracking

Matthew's Story

Matthew Esposito, 79, has been coming to the Transitional Care Center at Yale New Haven Hospital for the past two years. He receives diuretics to reduce fluid buildup caused by congestive heart failure.

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