Nutrition Services

Yale New Haven Hospital nutrition experts translate the science of food into practical solutions for every day healthy living. Committed to helping people enjoy healthy lives, Yale New Haven registered dietitians help children and adults make unique, positive lifestyle changes.

Why Choose YNHH for Nutrition Services

At Yale New Haven Hospital, our registered dietitians offer comprehensive nutrition assessments and a variety of counseling services for children, adults and seniors. Registered dietitians provide information to help you make smart choices about healthy eating, weight management and specialized clinical diets. Individual wellness programs and customized eating plans are based on personal needs, food preferences and lifestyle. Our registered dietitians offer personalized care and will collaborate with your referring physician to keep him/her up-to-date on your progress.

Meet with a Nutrition Expert

You want to eat smarter, but mastering nutrition basics is hard to do on your own. A registered dietitian can help you sort through misinformation; learn how to read labels at the grocery store; discover that healthy cooking is inexpensive; learn how to eat without ruining your eating plan; and how to resist workplace temptations.

To learn how to make better food choices, consider meeting with a registered dietitian at YNHH to evaluate your eating habits and goals—especially when faced with any of these situations.

  • You have diabetes. A registered dietitian can provide personalized dietary advice that takes into account your health status and lifestyle, along with food likes and dislikes. A certified diabetes educator can offer diabetes self-management training, too.
  • You have heart problems or high blood pressure. A registered dietitian serves as an integral part of your healthcare team by helping you safely change your eating plan without compromising taste or nutrition.
  • You are thinking of having or had bariatric surgery. A registered dietitian can help you prepare for surgery with a nutrition evaluation, and will help you learn to eat again afterwards. Since your stomach can only manage small servings, it's a challenge to get the right amount of nutrients in your body.
  • You have food allergies or intolerances. A nutrition expert can help with identified food allergies, and design a healthy eating plan for you or your children that includes important vitamins and nutrients you may be missing.
  • You have digestive problems. A nutrition expert will work with you and your physician to help fine-tune your diet so you are not aggravating your condition with typical food irritants.
  • You are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. A registered dietitian can help make sure you get enough nutrients, especially during the first three months of pregnancy, lowering your newborn's risk for birth defects.
  • You need to gain or lose weight. While still eating your favorite foods, a nutrition expert can suggest additional calorie sources for healthy weight gain or a restricted-calorie eating plan for weight loss.
  • You are caring for an aging parent. A registered dietitian can help identify food or drug interaction and proper hydration.
  • Coverage for nutrition counseling varies widely between insurance carriers; call your provider to find out if your plan offers a nutrition benefit. To see a YNHH registered dietitian, you will need to obtain a referral from your physician. Have your doctor complete and fax this form to the Nutrition Clinic in order to schedule an appointment.

Lunch and Learn

Designed to fit within a lunch hour at your office or community group, lunch and learn seminars are a great way to learn more about nutrition and wellness solutions. Popular topics include: eating on the run, healthy cooking, smart shopping, and managing diabetes with diet. For more information, call (203) 688-2422.

Nutrition Advisor

An online publication featuring a variety of nutritional topics with tips from Yale New Haven dietitians.

Contact Us

Have a question about nutrition or healthy eating? Ask the Expert. For more information about nutrition services at Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale New Haven Shoreline Medical Center, or to make an appointment, please call (203) 688-2422.

Dietetic Internship

Yale New Haven Hospital offers two internship tracks: the YNHH Clinical Emphasis Dietetic Internship and the Combined YNHH Internship/Masters Degree Program in affiliation with the Graduate School at the University of New Haven (UNH).

Learn more about YNHH Dietetic internships