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Patient Safety

Every patient has the right to receive the best, safest care available, and it is our responsibility to make sure our practices and facilities remain safe, sound and secure.

When problems are identified, we investigate the causes and adjust practices to prevent the problem from happening again. We train staff throughout our health network to adhere to and enforce the latest protocols and operating procedures. This helps us maintain a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

Looking out for our patients' well-being includes many approaches, such as promoting good hand hygiene to prevent the spread of disease, helping patients avoid slips and falls, regularly tending to high-risk patients to prevent pressure ulcers (also known as bed sores) and more. Patients and families also play an important role in maintaining a safe hospital environment.

Below are some of the many policies and strategies we follow to deliver uniformly safe, effective patient care across our entire health system. These links also contain information about what to expect when you visit and ways you can help ensure your safe care.

Reducing Errors

Learn about the ways we work to avoid and minimize medication and treatment errors.

Minimizing Infections

Learn more about our strategies for minimizing the spread of germs and infectious disease.


Learn how to participate in your care by speaking up and asking questions.

Preventing Pressure Ulcers (Bed Sores)

Learn what we're doing to minimize and prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers (also known as, bed sores) in at-risk patients.

Avoiding Slips & Falls

Learn about the ways we’re helping high-risk patients avoid slips and fall during their stay.

More Safety Tips

Learn a few, easy things you can do to protect yourself and your fellow patients in the hospital.