Hospital Overview

A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming. You’re faced with many decisions – not just about your treatment, but also about your everyday life. One of the most important decisions you will make is where to get your care. Smilow Cancer Hospital is the easy choice.

Smilow Cancer Hospital treats more cancer patients than any other hospital in Connecticut. We’re dedicated to providing the very best cancer care available, bringing together some of the nation’s best minds to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care at Smilow Cancer Hospital is grounded in dignity, respect and collaboration. Patient-centered care means getting to know you: your priorities and unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It means you and your loved ones always have a voice in the process. With this understanding, we can develop a focused and more compassionate course of treatment.

Expertise and Specialization

Smilow Cancer Hospital is affiliated with Yale Cancer Center, one of only 51 National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the nation and the only such center in Connecticut.

We offer 13 specialized cancer programs, each with teams of clinicians with deep expertise in a specific type of cancer.

Advanced Research and Clinical Trials

Smilow Cancer Hospital in partnership with the nationally recognized Yale Cancer Center offers numerous clinical trials. This collaboration gives our patients access to the latest research and new, experimental therapies.

Research breakthroughs available today at Smilow include genetic analyses, innovative immunotherapies and tumor profiling techniques. Our understanding of many cancers on a molecular level allows our specialists to more precisely target therapies, harness an individual’s own biological make-up, and help reduce uncomfortable side effects.

A Healing Environment

We understand that cancer affects more than just your body. That’s why we prioritize healing the whole patient and supporting the caregivers. A range of complementary therapies includes support groups, massage and Reiki treatments, and classes in yoga, meditation and art.

All Smilow Cancer Hospital facilities are purposefully designed with tranquil spaces filled with light, soothing colors and artwork. These spaces allow patients, family members and caregivers to regroup, reflect and feel restored.

World-Class Care Close To Home

In addition to the main hospital in New Haven, there are 15 Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers located throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. At every location, our patients get the same expertise and quality of care with convenient access to treatment and follow-up appointments closer to where they live.