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Facts and Figures

Facts & Figures

Patient Statistics

Year Ended Sept. 30

Type 2021
Inpatient Care 82,475
   Adults 62,404
   Children 7,779
   Newborn 5,685
Patient days of care provided 442,930
Average daily patient census 1,213.5
Average length of stay 5.84
Total outpatient encounters 2.2M

Financial Data (in thousands)

Year Ended Sept. 30

Type 2017
Total operating expenses (including recovered expenses) $2,702,192
Total operating revenue $2,791,926
Excess of revenue over expenses $232,775
Total liabilities and net assets: $3,565,203

Uncompensated and Undercompensated Care Costs (in thousands)

Year Ended Sept. 30

Type 2017
Free care allowance $24,789
Charity care allowance $41,683
Medicaid underpayments $254,850
Bad debts $37,287
Total uncompensated and under-compensated care costs $292,137


YNHH has approximately 15,442 employees, including 5,454 medical staff. 

YNHH is considered the employer-of-choice among hospitals in Connecticut. We have been named one of the nation's top employers by American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Working Mother, Essence and Family Digest magazines and the U.S. Department of Labor.

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