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The Day Of Your Visit

Knowing what to bring, where to check in, what will happen and where your family, friends and caregivers will be while you are receiving care can take the stress out of any trip to the hospital. Whether you are having an emergency, inpatient (staying overnight) or outpatient (going home the same day) procedure, treatment, examination or operation, here are some things you can expect on the day of your visit.

What to Bring

Learn more about what you should bring—and what you should leave home—when you visit the hospital.

Learn more about what to bring

Checking In (Admissions)

Find out where you need to be, what you need to do and who'll be there to assist you when you arrive at the hospital.

Learn more about checking in

In the Pre-Operative Area

Get an idea of what happens to prepare you for surgery while you wait in the pre-operative area.

Learn more about the pre-operative area

In the Operating Room

Understand how our dedicated surgical staff works to ensure your safe care and the best possible outcome in the operating room.

Learn more about the operating room

In the Recovery Unit

Know what to expect when you wake up in the recovery unit after your procedure or operation.

Learn more about the recovery unit