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Before Surgery

Once you are checked-in, you will be in the hands of the hospital's very skilled and capable clinical staff. They will guide you through the following pre-operative procedures.

Pre-Operative Waiting Room

Before you are taken to the operating room, you will wait in our pre-operative floor. This may be a room with a door or private area with curtains. It will have a comfortable place to sit or lay down, as well as a seat for a family member or friend who may be accompanying you.

Soon after you are brought to this area:

  • You will be given a hospital gown and comfortable, non-slip socks to wear and a garment bag for your street clothes.
  • A nurse will check your blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen levels.
  • The anesthesiologist who will be caring for you during your surgery will visit and ask questions about what medications you may be taking or allergies you may have.
  • We will start your IV (intravenous) line, which will be give anesthesia and other required medications (like antibiotics and pain relievers) before, during and after your procedure.
  • We may remove some hair near the part of your body where you will have your operation with electric clippers. Being shaved with a razor may increase the risk of a surgical site infection, so razors are not used.
  • Attendants will be available to answer your questions or provide anything you need to be comfortable, such as pillows and blankets or anxiety relief.

Informed Consent

Before your operation, we will ask you to sign an informed consent form, which includes the name of the procedure you will be having and the risks associated with it. You should read the form carefully and ask questions if you have them. Make sure the type of surgery listed is correct and that a member of our staff has clearly explained the risks.


We may ask you the same questions many times, such as your name, the kind of surgery you're having and the place on your body where the surgery will be performed. These are important patient safety measures and you can help by answering these questions accurately every time.

Marking the Surgical Site

Your surgeon will stop by at some point to mark the place on your body where your operation will be performed. He or she will use a marker to identify the surgical site. You should make sure that the correct site is marked. You may also take this time to ask your surgeon any remaining questions you have about the procedure that you are having.

Your Family and Friends

One family member or friend who is over the age of 12 can stay with you in the pre-operative area until you leave for surgery. When you are taken to the operating room, your companion will be brought to our Family Surgical Lounge located on the third floor of the South Pavilion. An attendant will be available throughout your procedure to answer any questions they may have.

Speak Up!

If at any point leading up to your surgery something doesn't seem right, be sure to voice your concerns. Our staff will make every possible effort to ensure your safety and comfort.